Full Name
Artem Sytnyk
Job Title
The National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine
Speaker Bio
Artem Sytnyk started his career in 2001 as a district attorney assistant of Leninskiy district, Kirovohrad. In October 2001 he was reassigned and became investigator.

In April 2004 he was appointed as a senior investigator of Kirovohrad regional Prosecutor's office, in October 2006 Mr. Sytnyk became the head of the Investigations division of the prosecutor's office. In August 2008 Artem was transferred to Kyiv regional Prosecutor's office as the head of the Investigations division. He worked there for three years.
In August 2011 Artem Sytnyk resigned because of his objections to policies of the Yanukovych regime, criminalisation of law enforcement agencies, rollback in the fight against corruption, total incompetence and political bias imposed by the Kyiv regional Prosecutor general of that time.

Having successfully passed the bar exam, Artem Sytnyk practiced law from October 2011 to April 2015. He was the head of the “Legal guarantees” law firm. His investigation team ensured bringing to justice many judges and officials of the Security Service of Ukraine, internal affairs agencies, tax police, boarder guard services, district state administrations, region councils, city councils, district councils, State Committees on land resources and water management, State Inspection on consumer rights protection, State Penitentiary Service and State Ecological Inspection for accepting bribes and committing other corruption-related crimes.
In January 2015, due to the absence of progress in the sphere of fighting corruption, Artem Sytnyk decided to participate in the open competition for the position of Director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine.