Full Name
Vadim Kleiner
Job Title
Director of Research/Chief Investigator Institution
Sergei Magnitsky Justice Campaign/Hermitage Capital Management
Speaker Bio
Vadim Kleiner earned an MA and PhD in Economics, and an MS in Computer Science. Following a successful 12-year career in equity research, Kleiner shifted his focus to become a prominent justice campaigner and anti-money laundering (AML) investigator.
Kleiner's investigation into the proceeds of a $230 million fraud, which was uncovered by Russian lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, has led to the opening of 16 criminal investigations into money laundering across more than 20 countries worldwide. Kleiner has collaborated closely with law enforcement authorities in several countries, including the US, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Estonia, and Latvia, to bring to justice those who profited from or aided in the laundering of the illicit funds.
Over the past decade, Kleiner has contributed significantly to journalism by exposing global corruption scandals, including the "Russian laundromat," the "Panama Papers," the Danske Bank investigation, the "Troika laundromat," the Swedbank investigation, and others. In addition, he has shared his insights on strategies to combat money laundering with MBA students and financial institutions. In 2022 Kleiner was invited to serve as a speaker at the "Annual International Anti-Money Laundering Conference: Dirty Money out of Finance System" organized by the Latvian Police and Ministry of Justice and also delivered a presentation to global AML teams at DNB Bank.