Regulatory Development - White paper - Report to the Ministry of Justice and Public security regarding changes to regulations regarding corporate liability and corruption
Thomas Skjelbred Anne Hukkelaas Gaustad Thomas Steen Brandi Knut Høivik Henrik Horn Maja de Vibe

Introduction (15 min) with Knut Høivik regarding the responses to the White Paper

Panel - What significance should anti-corruption compliance programs have in assessing whether a company should be sanctioned? In Knut Høiviks report on proposals for changes in the provisions on corporate liability and anti-corruption, preventive compliance rules and procedures have been given an advanced position (ground for impunity). Legal incentives for good corporate governance and compliance are positive, but what concerns does such a regulation raise? In addition, should a regulation be effective to prevent corruption for Norwegian companies, as we have seen under French law (SAPIM II), for example? In that case, what kind of supervisory system should be established, and what should be the consequences of not implementing specific anti-corruption compliance programs?

Moderators: Knut Høivik and Thomas Brandi

Session Type
Panel discussion
Date & Time
Thursday, June 9, 2022, 12:30 PM - 1:45 PM